Blog entry by Jim Frankenfield

by Jim Frankenfield - Friday, 22 October 2021, 5:53 PM
Anyone in the world

This course is really more of a club with a different conversation meeting each week. Each meeting is limited to a maximum of 4 students. This is free discussion time so stop worrying too much about your grammar and rules and just start using you every day English!

We will correct basic things like pronunciation, plurals (it's advice, not advices!), and misused words (like borrow vs lend). But you will not be constantly interrupted with corrections and we would prefer to keep the conversation going rather than trying for perfection. It's about communicating, even imperfectly!

There are a collection of conversation topics. There are optional resources and exercises for each topic to help you learn vocabulary, prepare for discussion, and improve your English in general. These typically include a lexicon of related words with definitions and explanations, a crossword puzzle with the lexicon vocabulary, short current readings, and questions to think about before we meet.

None of this is required and you can do as much or as little before the conversation. We make these resources available for your use and improvement if you wish to use them.

Each topic also has a forum where you can ask questions before and after meeting and offer ideas and feedback to us.

The topics can be taken individually and can be retaken if desired since the discussion will be different each time. You can register for each weeks meeting separately, a longer term commitment is not required.